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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Choose Iowa?
Choose Iowa connects consumers to Iowa products and the growers, producers, processors and entrepreneurs that produce them through a state branded marketing program. The Choose Iowa brand can be used by participating farmers, producers, processors, farmers markets, grocery stores, restaurants and many others in the supply chain to connect directly with consumers. The program, which is housed within the Iowa Department of Agriculture and Land Stewardship, was enacted by the Legislature and signed into law by Gov. Kim Reynolds in 2022. Choose Iowa grants are available for new processing, packaging or sales techniques that add value to the commodities they produce.
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Does Choose Iowa include more than food and beverages?
The Choose Iowa promotional program was established to provide consumers a choice in purchasing food items that originate as an agricultural commodity produced on Iowa farms.
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What is a commodity?
Merriam-Webster defines a commodity as a “product of agriculture”, and Oxford Languages says a commodity is a “useful or valuable thing”. When the Iowa Legislature established Choose Iowa in 2022, the precious ag products raised, grown, produced and made in Iowa.
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Who can participate in Choose Iowa?

Iowa food producers, processors, retailers, wholesalers and distributors, as well as supporting organizations are invited to apply for Choose Iowa participation and be included in the online directory.

  • Producers include farmers, growers, dairies, CSAs (community supported agriculture).
  • Processors include bakeries, meat lockers, growers who process, breweries, cideries, distilleries and wineries.
  • Retailers include restaurants, grocery stores, farmers markets, stores, farms with on-farm retail sales and off-farm sales stands, CSAs and food hubs with on-site sales.
  • Wholesalers/Distributors include farms selling wholesale and food hubs.
  • Supporting Organizations include commodity groups, professional associations, non-profits, and other government agencies.
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Can I add the Choose Iowa logo to my food product label?
Choose Iowa program participants in good standing may be approved to use the Choose Iowa logo on packaging, labels, flyers, promotional materials, or other materials. If you’re not already in the Choose Iowa program, join today! (link to application)
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Are there requirements on products which can feature the Choose Iowa logo?
Choose Iowa program participants self-certify all products marked with the Choose Iowa logo meet the qualification criteria.
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What are the benefits to joining Choose Iowa?

Choose Iowa participants enjoy the following benefits:

  • Inclusion in the Choose Iowa online directory
  • Choose Iowa logo use on qualifying food labels
  • Advertising cost-share opportunities
  • Social media promotions, recognition
  • Opt into Choose Iowa Passport Program (free) through Travel Iowa with easier signup and account setup through the Choose Iowa participant portal
  • Social media toolkit of resources for promoting seasonal produce and foods
  • Buyer meetings for producers to meet with wholesalers, distributors or institutional purchasers
  • Newsletter with program highlights, grant/funding opportunities, program participant accomplishments, seasonal promotional opportunities and other information
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How much does it cost to join Choose Iowa?
Participation in the Choose Iowa is on an annual basis is only $100, renewable every 12 months.
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How can I submit my child’s artwork for the Choose Iowa Coloring Calendar Contest?
Find the full contest details and an online submission form at __[link to Parents & Schools/Coloring Calendar section in website]___.
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How can I determine whether my project idea is eligible for the Choose Iowa Grant?
Project eligibility including eligible and ineligible expenses as part of grant project budgets are included in the Choose Iowa Grant Program Guidelines. (link)
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Can I save my grant application and finish and submit it later?
Yes [Add instructions based on how the portal is developed]
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Are in-kind contributions accepted as part of the one-to-one financial match?
No, in-kind contributions are not accepted. The financial match must be from private sources such as cash, financing or other grant funds.
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How are Choose Iowa Grant funds paid out?
The Choose Iowa Grant is a reimbursement grant, and funds are reimbursed after the grant project is completed and documentation has been submitted demonstrating the entire project.
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If I applied for a Choose Iowa Grant previously, can I apply again?
Yes, prior applicants including previous grant recipients are welcome to apply again. Priority may be given to those who have not yet been awarded Choose Iowa Grant funds.
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